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Robert Beatty’s Dharma Leader Program

In 2012, Robert selected a group including both  experienced teachers and advanced students to  participate in his “Dharma Leader Program,” a three-year  program designed to deepen practice, and to formally  prepare teachers to transmit the core teachings of the  Buddha. These students have embraced the Dharma,  and currently teach when Robert is unavailable, as well as  offering a variety of classes.

Current Teachers

Doug Pullin

Doug Pullin - http://www.douglaspullin.com

Doug Pullin is a teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition of U Ba Kin, Ruth Denison and Robert Beatty. Robert named him a Dharma successor and authorized him to teach in 1996. He has also received teaching and guidance from a variety of other Western Buddhist teachers In 2008 Doug completed the Spirit Rock sponsored two and half year Community Dharma Leader Training with Tara Brach and James Baraz. More recently he has been a student of Mathew Flickstein and his non-dual teaching. Doug’s teaching is an integration of Western psychology, neuroscience, Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to life, and compassionate engagement in the world. While remaining true to the core of the Dharma, his approach is relevant and accessible to our culture today. Doug’s focus is on practices that lead directly to freedom from suffering, awakening joy, and deepening compassion.

Doug has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and Masters in Social Work. He has also received training in Nonviolent Communication, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Hakomi Body Centered Therapy, EMDR, Psychodynamic therapy, Narrative Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Dialectal Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology and neuroscience research, In addition to teaching at PIMC Doug is offers mindfulness based psychotherapy and consultation in private practice. Doug also works as a consultant in the non profit social service field. He currently is serving an agency that provides residential care to adjudicated youth. He also has worked to bring support, resources and counseling to homeless youth and families living in poverty.

Jim Dalton

Jim Dalton - http://www.mindfulbalancetaichi.com

Jim Dalton has been training to be a teacher all his life. For the first 25 years he pursued a traditional credential in high school teaching and learned that formal schooling was a bad fit for him. However, he learned that the best way to learn was to pose as a teacher.

So he dropped out and spent 20 years in an intentional desert community where he volunteered to teach meditation and the principles of general semantics, along with organic gardening and high school English, his first love. Teaching helped him examine the nature of his own heart. Participating in group meditations helped focus his mind and powers of concentration. Managing the water system of a little village in the high desert taught him a lot about process. There are no “things” in a garden, just verbs that never stop interacting: changing seasons, unpredictable weather patterns, migrating birds and insects, burrowing rabbits with no respect for boundaries and fences.

Through the development of his devotional nature and many thousands of hours of karma yoga, he learned that 20 years is not enough time for a person to change the world. By then his children began exploring the academic credential world, and he needed a real job. So he came to Portland and began working with computers, training students in the business world about different kinds of process: operating systems and dynamic software programs. Again he discovered no “things,” just interacting systems of processes.

Along the way he met Robert Beatty who helped him get grounded in the processes of his body: breathing, moving mindfully, taking mindfulness into life experience, on and off the cushion.

As a certified instructor in Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance, his current focus has turned to the Boomer generation and how we are aging. His QiGong and Meditation practice has been influenced by Chinese medicine and the current neurobiology of mindfulness. For Jim that seems to be a natural extension of the lineage of Ruth Denison and an engaging application of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.


Gregory Maloof

Gregory Maloof

Gregory is an assistant Dharma teacher to Robert Beatty at Portland Insight Meditation Community. As a mindfulness-based therapist with a master’s degree in marriage, couples and family counseling and a bachelor’s degree in western philosophy, Gregory draws inspiration from both western and eastern paradigms in his approach to understanding and sharing the Dharma. Gregory has 20 years of meditation experience, having studied in the traditions of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, U Ba Khin and Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw and has also been heavily influenced and inspired by various teachers in the Thai Forest Tradition. When not on a meditation cushion, Gregory enjoys movies, racquetball, writing screenplays with his wife, and eating anything wrapped in a tortilla.


Candle Summers

Candle Summers - Candle's YouTube Channel

Candle Summers arrived in Portland from Maui, Hawaii in 2013. She has participated for twenty years with her root teachers Kamala Masters and Steve Armstrong. She completed Spirit Rock’s four year Dharma Leader program in 2001 and her Theravadan background includes the teachings of Anagarika Munidra, Sayadaws U Pandita and U Tejaniya, Gil Fronsdal, Mark Nunberg, and more. Candle has been offering a monthly insight/metta meditation gathering on Mondays (now Zoom) in SE Portland and previously led a women’s group, a Buddhist book club and managed retreats for the Vipassana Metta Foundation on Maui for 12 years. She can be contacted through email at candlemaui@gmail.com.





Gary Sanders

Gary Sanders

Gary Sanders is originally from the Los Angeles area, where he was the founder of SCV Mindfulness and led up to three weekly groups for over 5 years. He was empowered to lead Buddhist meditation and dharma groups at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. He helped, from the ground level, to found Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist based recovery program for all addictions, which has now spread worldwide. During his years in Portland, Gary was asked to join the teaching staff at Portland Insight Meditation Community. Although he moved back to Los Angeles in 2021, Gary continues to provide teachings to the PIMC sangha. He also  travels frequently and teaches daylongs and workshops all around North America.




 Affiliated Teachers

Paige Freeborn


Paige Freeborn

Paige Freeborn is a meditation teacher based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is steeped in the language of meditation, mindfulness, music, yoga, and compassionate communication. She is drawn to non-dual practices, which revolve around learning to receive the pure awareness that is our true, great nature. In this space nothing whatsoever exists as separate.

Paige encourages her students to find a balanced path of cultivating awareness by organizing their human energies and coming into a loving relationship with themselves. By developing this quality of “radical acceptance” we learn to rest back into the vast awareness that is our true nature. Here we learn to accept life on its own terms and open to the entirety of our human experience without resistance to anything that is arising. Paige focuses her teachings around Metta, or lovingkindness practice. Years of training in Metta have opened the door to the compassionate, concentrative and creative beauty of this heart-based practice.

Gratitude is at the heart of Paige's practice. She is deeply grateful for the wisdom, vulnerability, and grace that have been modeled to her by her primary yoga teachers Gioia Irwin and Swan. She is profoundly grateful to have found her primary meditation teacher, Robert Beatty. His devoted guidance, wisdom, love and generosity have helped her heal old wounds, free the heart space, and contextualize the whole of her life through the beautiful teachings of the Buddha Dharma.

She hopes to honor the lineage of the teachings she has been so fortunate to receive.