The Noble Eightfold Path: 10 week course

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"We say that the path is the most important element in the Buddha's teaching because the path is what makes the Dhamma available to us as a living experience. Without the path the Dhamma would just be a shell, a collection of doctrines without inner life. Without the path, full deliverance from suffering would become a mere dream." - Bhikkhu Bodhi

The Noble Eightfold Path is the fourth of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths and is described by the Buddha as the way leading to the cessation of suffering and the blossoming of self-awakening. The Eightfold Path is often said to contain a summary of all the instructions and essential elements of the path to realization.

Please join us for this 10-week class in which we will explore each fold of the path and its application to daily life through Dharma talks, group discussion, weekly reflections and group meditation. To orient us on this journey we will also be reading Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante Gunaratana. Class will be held on Mondays for 10 weeks with Christine Gieben & Gregory Maloof.

Dates: 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: $200 (No one is turned away from the class for lack of funds.)

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