Remembering Death

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**Cancelled - will be rescheduled soon.** Saturday, February 21, 2015 with Robert Beatty. Being alive as a separate person is one end of a polarity which includes death. We do our best to deny the reality of this truth. Much of the anxiety that we experience during our lifetime arises from this unconscious fear of death. We and our loved ones may be healthy today, but we know in the back of our minds that sickness or death will soon be with us. There is also a shadowy intuition that accidental death is but a moment away. 

The contemplation of death occupies a central and honored place in Buddhist meditative training. Some people, when they hear of this, imagine that such reflections must result in a morbid and depressed outlook on life. Quite to the contrary however, when we openly face the previously unconscious fears, a new aliveness, joy, and recognition of the preciousness of each moment emerges.

During this day of practice, in the supportive community of PIMC, we will use mindfulness to bring stability and clarity to the mind. With this foundation we will turn our reflections to a variety of contemplations of death.

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