(UPDATED) Video of Guest Dharma Talk on Belonging and Othering, By Mark Nunberg and Shelly Graf

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On June 15, 2022, PIMC hosted a live-stream Dharma gathering with Mark Nunberg and Shelly Graf, well-known and well-respected guest teachers from Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis.
If you missed this profound and important talk, you can check out a video recording of the talk HERE.
This is part of our ongoing work to cultivate a more welcoming community,
The subject of the talk was "A Thicket of Views", spoken of by the Buddha, dealing with the social dynamics of “Belonging" and "Othering”. How do we train the mind to use ideas of identity as skillful means to connect with others and to illuminate biases? How can one use views and opinions about self and others without planting seeds of suffering?
You can learn more about Mark and Shelly below: