[Live-Stream] Stay At Home Virtual Retreat, with Robert Beatty & Jim Dalton - Attendance Limited to 25 (Jan. 7-12, 2022)

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Start 2022 with a Five-Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat. Stay in the comfort and safety of your own home and still experience the benefits of an extended practice opportunity. 

We will create an online community that rests in mindfulness and the willingness to look into our pain and suffering in order to kindle compassion for ourselves and others.  We will also use several practices of forgiveness to help ourselves let go of the past and move toward living vibrantly in the present moment.

This retreat will be suitable for newcomers to mindfulness and for those who have practiced for a long time.

In addition to the meditation guidance, it will be possible to have personal meetings with the teachers during the course of the retreat.

Participants are encouraged to take care of as many details of life as possible before the retreat begins. (Preparing food, setting up phone and email, having necessary discussion with partners and housemates, and perhaps even going to an isolated location.)

Attendance limited to 25.

For Questions, please reach out to Trina Truong HERE


DATES: Starts at 7 PM Friday January 7th, and ends at noon Wednesday Jan 12th.

LOCATION: Online Via Zoom

COST:  $225 to Portland Insight Meditation Center (No one turned away for lack of funds)

DANA: The teachers will not receive payment from PIMC. In keeping with ancient Buddhist practice, dana may be offered to a virtual dana bowl.