UPDATE: PIMC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee Actions

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Earlier this year, in response to concerns in the community, a committee was formed to investigate and suggest improvements on how PIMC can be more welcoming and inclusive to all people. 
Here are the latest updates: 
  • A Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has been drafted by the DEI Committee and will go to the Board of Directors at the November meeting for review. Upon approval, it will be shared with the whole sangha via the Digest.
  • The DEI Survey results have been summarized in a presentation that is being shared with the Board and Teachers Council. Soon, it will also be available for the community to watch. The link will be posted in the Digest as soon as it's available. 
  • Shelly Graf (Common Ground sangha, Minneapolis) will return in November to work with the Board and DEI Committee to discuss progress to date and issues that have arisen as we move through this. 
  • Two PIMC teachers (Robert Beatty and Candle Summers) are participating in a class called Many Communities, One Sangha: Exploring the Reality of Equity and Inclusion that is facilitated by Rhonda Magee, Mushim Ikeda and Crystal Johnson. Every Saturday in October, the class is exploring such questions as: 
                                * What do we actually mean by equity?
                                  * What are the values, intentions and commitments that drive our pursuit of equity?
                                  * What does it mean to create sanghas that offer safety, dignity and belonging to a diverse community?
                                  * What does it mean to practice being in “right relationship” to hierarchy and authority in our communities?
                                  * How do we work with the intensity of emotion and pain that arises when we are intimate together?
                                  * How do we handle the loss (for some) of “traditional” ways?
                                  * How do we handle the harm that has already arisen (and continues to arise) so that we can move forward in a different way?
The DEI Committee is Vik Anantha, Robert Beatty, Janine Delauney, Lora Dow, Danny Mankin, Candle Summers, Kat B.R. van der Hoorn