PIMC Building and COVID Update: OPENING PLANS (Updated Nov. 11, 2021)

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The PIMC building is currently in a process of construction for a wheel chair ramp/seismic upgrades, we hope to open and rejoin in community late-December to early January.
The "substantial completion" date is estimated to be December 15th. The living room is coming along nicely, painting is done, blinds are in, and as this Digest goes out new carpets should be arriving. The lighting will be in a few weeks. A dedication ceremony is looking to be late December / early January.
A few years ago, we had an idea of a bite sized project of installing a wheel chair ramp, which has turned into something so much more - and that dream is now coming to fruition thanks to so many in our community and beyond.
Oct. 21, 2021
Hello dear Friends of PIMC
Construction is moving along at a pretty amazing pace.

The forms for the ramp footings are approaching completion.

There was a structural problem concerning how to hold up the choir loft while moving the restroom walls two feet into the Narthex.  At the top right of this photo below you can see a heavy duty “Glue-lam” that can span the almost 20 feet between load bearing posts.  Apparently one can create a much stronger structure when you glue several boards together!
We are being guided in the process by our fine project manager Kim Knox.  It is remarkable to me how she can manage the 10,000 things and help me understand what is going on. This photo was taken at our regular Tuesday afternoon meeting at which all kinds of issues large and small are figured out.
Thanks for tuning in 
Oct. 5, 2021
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Sept. 20, 2021
Limited structure demolition of the PIMC building (to prepare the west wall of the Dharma Hall and other targeted spots inside) is set to begin Sept. 27. At last, we also have an approximate completion date: Dec. 16!!  
With a little luck (assuming construction finishes on schedule AND COVID restrictions are eased), :-), we may be able to meet in our updated building before the end of 2021!!!!


Sept. 9, 2021

We are pleased to announce that permitting for the PIMC building was approved this last week. This is a big and important step forward in our construction project, and ultimately, to re-open the center.

NOTE: With the start of construction pushed back into October, and with COVID Delta creating spikes in hospital admissions around Oregon, it's very possible the center will need to delay reopening until mid-December. That's a huge source of disappointment to Robert, as well as the staff, teachers, and the PIMC Board. And, we're sure the sangha as a whole shares that. But, progress is happening and we do see that the time will not be far distant when we can gather together in-person again in joyful mindfulness.


June 1, 2021

Dear PIMC Friends:

It appears that Covid is significantly on the decline and Oregon will be opening more and more to gatherings of all kinds.

Our grand reopening is dependent both upon the Covid issues and the building project and likely will be in early to mid September. 
We are still in negotiations with the City of Portland permits department concerning what modifications need to be made to our plans.  The issue revolves around the offices that are under the Dharma Hall and how many people might be in them at one time.  By the city’s analysis it might be 36. Our hired code specialists say it is 25 at most. The difference is huge because if we are over 30 there are expensive code requirements that must be met, including a sprinkler system, centralized fire alarm, and rebuild the front interior stairway. If we accede to this it will be very expensive.  We should know within a week if we will be able to avoid these extra requirements.  WE have remarkably skilled people working with us to help make it happen.

Once we get the permit we will need 62 days for construction. This will include: ramps to living room and dharma hall, new door into the west side of the Dharma Hall, rebuilding the upstairs bathroom to be ADA compliant and fully accessible, raising the ceiling in the downstairs hallway, bringing the downstairs bathrooms up to code, opening the ceilings of all the offices and adding layers of sheetrock to create a two hour fire block between them and the Dharma Hall, and modifying the joist connections in all of the offices in preparation for the major seismic upgrade that will follow in the next few years.
In addition, the living room is receiving a well deserved upgrade.  There will be: new carpet, lighting, paint and a plaque honoring Ron Naito and Anne Naito-Campbell who made both the living room and major project possible through their great generosity.  The lighting change will include removing the asbestos (popcorn) ceiling in the living room and repairing the sheetrock there.  
For now, as we await permits and construction all the furniture from the downstairs offices and the furniture from the living room is in the Dharma hall.  Before construction begins we will get all the contents covered in plastic. 
It has been a long haul and has required the development of lots of patience. 
The PIMC board, the teachers and I are all grateful for you hanging in there with us through this long hiatus. I am certain that it will be a great homecoming in the relatively near future.  
PS Those of you who live at a distance have no fear we will maintain our online presence.