Winter 2021 Class: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, with Robert Beatty (begins Jan. 20, 2021) [Live-Stream]

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Are you ready to explore beyond mindfulness of breathing and make your entire life meditation?
Dates: [Held on Zoom] Wednesdays: January 20, 27. February 3, 17, 24. March 3, 17, 31
Time: 7 PM – 9 PM
Suggested Dana: $240 (no one is turned away for lack of funds)
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Mindfulness sits at the heart of the journey of awakening. We have within us the capacity to remember to be aware of what is happening in our body, mind, emotions and everything around us.
Mindfulness illuminates what is really happening so we can grow in compassion, love and wisdom. It is a key that, when developed, leads us toward the end of suffering. 
This course will be rooted in the Satipatthana Sutta, the teaching in which the Buddha pointed out all the aspects of human experience that can be observed. We will also be supported by a fine book by Bhante Gunaratana, The Four Foundations of Mindfulness in Plain English.
As a meditator the four foundations are like a map that opens up from mindfulness of breathing to all the activities of daily life: to the feelings that push and pull us through life: to the vast realm of mental states; and to all of the phenomena that occur within the human mind and consciousness. When one has some idea of the map, it becomes easy to discern how to practice mindfulness in all the varied and challenging aspects of life.
You will be encouraged to maintain a daily practice throughout the course because the contents will make much more sense if you are doing the inner exploration at the same time as learning about the four foundations.
It is recommended that you attend all the sessions. For those who must miss a session it will be available to watch afterwards online. 
"Awareness is your refuge: Awareness of the changing-ness of feelings, of attitudes, of moods, of material change and emotional change.
Stay with that, because it’s a refuge that is indestructible. It’s not something that changes.
It’s a refuge you can trust in.
This refuge is not something that you create. It’s not a creation. It’s not an ideal. It’s very practical and very simple, but easily overlooked or not noticed.
When you’re mindful,
you’re beginning to notice,
it’s like this. "
Ajahn Sumedho