(LiveStream) 1st Saturday Retreat with Jim (Oct. 3, 9am-2pm)

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 Simple Practice for Simple Awareness

These instructions from the Buddha were repeated again and again during the course of his life, directed to hundreds of different students, and each one in his own way discovered a path to freedom within the same instructions.
In this way, in regard to the body [feelings, mind, dhammas] one abides contemplating the body [feelings, mind, dhammas] internally, or one abides contemplating externally, or one abides contemplating both internally and externally. One abides contemplating the nature of arising in the body [feelings, mind, dhammas] . . . the nature of passing away in . . . or the nature of both arising and passing away in . . .
Mindfulness that ‘there is a body’ [feelings, mind, dhammas] is established in one to the extent necessary for bare knowledge and continuous mindfulness.
And one abides independent, not clinging to anything in the world.
It is no longer simple to walk to the edge of the village and find a quiet spot to practice. Today we need to use our imaginations to conjure up a quiet place in front of a screen. While it is easier right now to find a spot physically alone and away from the mundane demands of our lives, we need the electronic leash to connect with our sangha, and that same electronic leash feeds us all sorts of difficult narratives about a world in chaos. It is challenging to stop long enough to sink into the intimacy, openness and dynamic loving awareness of our being.
Spending a day just sitting and listening is the best antidote for the effects of the chaos around us, and the instructions are so simple. Let go and let be…
This is an invitation to sit on Sept. 5th, following a simple format of sitting and listening, mindful movement and listening, and listening to poetry as a seed for contemplation. Join me if you can, even if only for an hour.