Monthly 1st Saturday Retreat Series at PIMC - with Gregory Maloof (Sat., Mar. 7, 2020)

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Please join Gregory Maloof for the next First Saturday day-long retreat on March 7th, from 9am - 4pm. The theme for this retreat will be the art of Body Scanning practice. Amidst a day of peace, ease and silence we will explore how to use awareness of the body to cultivate concentration, decrease painful emotions and painful physical sensations, and cultivate the enlightenment factors of joy and tranquility.

The first Saturday retreat series is a perfect opportunity to jump start or reinvigorate your daily practice, connect with community members, and gain a comfortable introduction to the power of noble silence. 

This is an especially great opportunity to practice in depth with Gregory if you have been to Wednesday Wake-Up or would like to work on establishing a robust meditation practice.

PLEASE NOTE: Although these retreats are great for beginning students, they are not designed as introductions to meditation. Some basic meditation experience is required to get the most out of this experience.

There will be a 45-minute silent lunch. Please bring food and/or drink to share (and please bring a clear listing of ingredients for your prepared dishes, so our friends with diet restrictions can easily take care of themselves). PIMC will provide tea and coffee.


(These regular monthly retreats at PIMC are always the 1st Saturday of the month.)


DATE/TIME:  3/7/2020, 9am-4pm

LOCATION: PIMC Living Room: Portland Insight Meditation Community, 6536 SE Duke Street, Portland, OR 97206

LUNCH: Potluck

TEACHER: Gregory


SUGGESTED DONATION: $50 per person (No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.)

TO REGISTER: Please use this link:

(While money will be accepted at the door, please pre-register if you can so the teachers can have a good sense of the number of attendees.)


The following is the list of PIMC Monthly 1st Saturday Retreats for the rest of 2020 (please note that there is no 1st Saturday Retreat on July 4):

* Apr. 4
* May 2
* June 6
* July 4 (No Retreat)
* Aug. 1
* Sept. 5
* Oct. 3
* Nov. 7
* Dec. 5