[CANCELED UNTIL ON-SITE SUNDAY GATHERINGS RESUME AT PIMC] Sign Up for Sunday Children's Program - PIMC Needs 1-2 Volunteers Each Sunday

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The Sunday Children's Education Program teacher, Rebecca Bower, needs your support.

Rebecca is a retired elementary school teacher with 20 years of experience, and she is enthusiastic about providing PIMC's children with a foundation for mindfulness and Buddhist principles week-to-week. Since early 2019, she has been guiding the creation and implementation of a structured, planned, and thoughtful curriculum to carry us into the future, something which the program has not had previously. 


We still need volunteer support in the classroom every Sunday.

Even though Rebecca is an experienced teacher, we still need consistent volunteer support so Rebecca can really give the children the best possible experience, based in mindfulness and the Dharma. Volunteer support is necessary because we do not have the resources and support staff of a formal school, and because the attendance of children to the program spans such a large age range and varies unpredictably from week to week. 

To have the classroom open each Sunday, there needs to be 1-2 teacher support volunteers both hours of the program. If one person was willing to volunteer in the classroom both hours, only one person would be needed. If two people each wanted to spend an hour with the children, then, for that Sunday, we'd need two people.

During our search for a Children's Program teacher, the sangha really showed a strong commitment to keeping our Sunday Children's Program going, with a number of people coming forward offering to help in the classroom. While signing up for one Sunday is, of course, a help, it would be best if people sign up for time in the classroom on a somewhat regular basis - such as the same Sunday every month, or every other month, and so on. The regular need for volunteer staffing in the classroom means that we need to have more consistant sign-up of volunteers further in advance, not just week-to-week

So, please consider supporting this very important function of giving the children in our sangha a firm foundation in the Dharma, even if you do not have school age children at home. By helping Rebecca, you are investing in this sangha and having a hand in PIMC's continuation into the future. The children in this program are future meditators who one day, hopefully, will be sitting in Dharma gatherings with us. Even more than that, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to give children exposure to the Dharma, something most of us never had when we were young. You can sign up for a volunteer slot using the link at the top or below. For each Sunday, we need a minimum of one volunteer per hour.

Thank you so much for helping teach our children well.

Click to View Sunday Children's Pgm Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com