Sign Up For Your Very Own PIMC Barking Dog Library Account #!!

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Although the COVID-19 virus has caused PIMC to cease on-site events for now, we are still on track to have a working library of Buddhist resources.  When we are able to gather together at our physical Dharma home again, we will have a re-opening celebration for the Barking Dog Library.

In the meantime, with a few clicks and key strokes, you easily get set NOW to take out books when the library officially opens! Please use the link below to register for a PIMC Barking Dog Library account # (you must have a library account to take books out when the library officially resumes operation.).

Everyone will receive an easy-to-remember 3-digit account #. Checking out books will be done online, using our online library catalogue.

Stay tuned for more details!!


Request a library account



1.  The Barking Dog Library has several books, pamphlets, and magazines on mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Buddhism that are FREE FOR TAKING.  Most of these items are currently located in a free bookshelf located in the living room.  Please take as many as you would like.  If you know of places that would be interested in taking these items, please feel free to take them or else let us know.  For information contact Connie at

2.  To drop off return items for the library:

Please use the basket located in the Living Room next to the Barking Dog Library door.