New ETD Event: Making Brown Bag Lunches for Laurelwood Shelter (Fri., 11/22/19)

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PIMC is scheduled to provide a brown bag meal for Laurelwood Shelter – Transition Project’s newest adult shelter - whose primary focus is homeless adults over the age of 55. The date is Friday, November 22, 2019.

We ask you to volunteer in this effort to share resources with those less fortunate.

A group of us will meet at PIMC on the morning of November 22nd, and prepare brown bag meals for 120 adults. These bags of love masked as food, will be delivered to Laurelwood by lunch time on November 22nd.

Melanie has created a Google spreadsheet to track food donations. Please use the link below to see what's needed and state what you will commit to donating.

Of course, money to support this event is welcome too. If you write a check, please make sure that the memo portion of the check says something like, "ETD - Brown Bag". This will permit the Cricket, our bookkeeper to apply your donation specifically to the ETD account. Or, you can also donate online at this link:

If you donate to support this event online, please send Avi an email with the amount of your donation, the date/time, and the name on the card. With that information, Avi will make sure your donation is applied to ETD

Please consider volunteering to prepare the bags (making sandwiches, etc…), to donate food items or, if you can’t be there, to donate funds to help offset costs. If you are interested, please contact Melanie Moon at