ETD Event: Participation in EcoSattva Training (Starting in Oct. 2019, Details TBD)

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PIMC's Engaging The Dharma (ETD) initiative group is organizing the sangha's participation in a six-part, web-based training on effective and skillful strategies for responding to global warming, informed by Buddhist principles. The "EcoSattva Training" will start in October, with details still to be determined. 

If you are interested in being a part of the training, or just in finding out more, please email TRICIA.



EcoSattva Training is designed to help participants in this unprecedented challenge with new insights from both the Dharma, as well as the growing field of climate psychology. We will journey together to soothe and ultimately unbind our bodies, hearts and minds so that they can actively and creatively love this life. Deeply rooted, thoroughly engaged yet not dependent, we can express the most authentically helpful response to ecological crisis that is available to us.

This training was designed in recognition of global warming being something beyond than the typical trials of being alive. The anxiety and depression we may experience constitutes an additive, psychological “eco-crisis tax” on everyday life. Even for those who have manageable baseline stress, the size, scope and seeming intractability of ecological breakdown can easily overwhelm the psyche. If at some level our own body, and indeed every body, registers and wrestles with this existential threat, is it any wonder that our collective experience is increasingly unstable, similarly on edge?

This program was developed and is being provided by One Earth Sangha. More information about the organization and the training can be found HERE



We are forming a group of sangha members to take part in this six-part training, consisting of six 90-minute sessions. There are still a lot of details that are being worked out by One Earth Sangha about the training, so for the moment, we are compiling a list of those interested in taking part, with the intention of sending further information as it becomes available.

Tricia will check into other times that PIMC may be available on an irregular basis, besides Sunday afternoons. There will be a fee for this training from One Earth Sangha, but it will be a group fee, so the more participants we have, the less the cost per-person it will be. This cost is as of yet not set by One Earth Sangha.