Minutes: Engaging the Dharma Meeting - Sept. 1, 2019 (Including Plans for the 9/20 Global Climate Strike March in Portland)

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NOTES FROM THE 9/1/19 Engaging the Dharma Meeting

A group of about 18 sangha members gathered in the PIMC Living Room after the Sunday Dharma Talk. The meeting was led by Tricia Andersson and Michael Midghall. We started with a 5-minute meditation on our connection with the Earth.

There were two subjects under discussion, the upcoming EcoSattva training that will start in October, and PIMC’s participation in the Sept. 20 Global Climate Strike

ECO SATTVA TRAINING: We started by giving more info about the training itself, which is developed and being provided by One Earth Sangha (all course information can be found here:


We are forming a group of sangha members to take part in this six-part training, and we discussed where and when we might meet for the 90-minute sessions, as PIMC has very
limited availability for meetings. There are still a lot of details that are being worked out by One Earth Sangha about the training, so for the moment, we gathered a list of those
interested in taking part, with the intention of sending further information as it becomes available. Patricia will check into other times that PIMC may be available on an irregular
basis, besides Sunday afternoons. There will be a fee for this training from One Earth Sangha, but it will be a group fee, so the more participants we have, the less cost per-person it will be. This cost is as of yet not set by One Earth Sangha.

If, after reading the description of the course in the web link above, you are interested in being a part of the group, or just in finding out more, please email Tricia at:


GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE: Michael Midghall will be heading up this event, and he talked about the importance of the Global Climate Strike as being a possible turning point in the visibility of the climate movement, as adults are being asked for the first time to stand behind the Fridays for Future student movement which has been protesting the world
governments’ lack of response to the climate crisis.

More general information about the strike can be found here:


If you would like to take part in the Global Climate Strike as part the PIMC sangha, please contact Michael at:



The purpose of the Global Climate Strike is:
1.       Support solidarity with Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Future Movement
2.       Bring a sense of compassion to the cause
3.       Bring back the experience (what it was like) to the PIMC, larger sangha (somehow)
Issues raised about PIMC's participation:
1.       Can/how to involve younger kids?
2.       This is a great teaching moment!
3.       Kids will, most likely, take away far more from this experience than we realize.
4.       It’s okay to have uncertainty about what is right/wrong. However, please realize

“This is the pivotal psychological moment in the history of the human race.”
i.e. a lot is at stake
                                                                                                - Joanna Macy

A smaller group of those interested in being part of the planning committee for the strike stayed after the general meeting and corresponded via email to develop the details.

1. Sign and  Banner Making Party: Sept. 15 th , 12:30 @ PIMC after the Dharma Talk. In addition to making signs, we'll also have fun creating a poignant mantra … so we can stay mindful throughout the march!

* What To Bring
   Poster board, gleu sticks, Paint and brushes, Sharpies, Pencils, Tape (duck and/or scotch)

* If You Plan To Buy Supplies
   Consider going to Scrap (for recycled supplies) and Dollar Tree (for low prices and a wide selection

2. The Plan For The March: Meet at Elk Statue in Chapman Square @ 10:15am on 9/20

*  Please wear red (the color of Keep It In The Ground movement)

*  The Climate Strike begins at 10:30 @ Portland City Hall; after speeches, we will join the march across the Hawthorne Bridge for festivities near

*  Transportation: It's going to be crowded, so do everything you can to park your car on the periphery or on the east side and use bike, public transit, carpool (possibly from PIMC)

12:30 – 1:30pm