Minutes: Engaging the Dharma Meeting - June 19, 2019

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Below are the minutes from the last meeting of the PIMC Engaging The Dharma (ETD) initiative.


MEETING DATE: June 19, 2019

MEETING LOCATION: Laughing Planet Restaurant, SE Woodstock St., Portland

IN ATTENDANCE: Tia (& Leo), Rose, Melanie, Lori, Connie and AnneMarie


Tia recapped last meeting minutes where we brainstormed ideas.

Lori suggested it would be nice if one of us from ETD made the announcements about ETD on Sunday mornings. The group agreed. Tia agreed to make the announcement next Sunday.

AnneMarie shared that events ETD hosts would be stronger if grounded within PIMC, helped connect isolated folks in particular as well as connect our sangha with other communities.

Connie mentioned a course about engaging/including minorities could be offered at PIMC as the majority of our membership is caucasian. She reminded us about Kirsten's interest with educating about anti-racism. Members agreed an educational workshop around minorities and anti-racism would be beneficial.


We came up with the following monthly themes:


July: Family Night

August: Environmental Stewardship

September: Anti-Racism Workshop

October: Letter Writing: Policy changes: 4 weekends

November: Brown Bag Meal

December: Shoebox Drive


We discussed Betsy Toll's Brown Bag lunches, Connie shared all the details and we decided we would like to replicate it at PIMC in November so we can bring our own community together at the same time.

We discussed Family Night and how ETD could host the first one, for ETD to be an incubator of ideas that we can help promote and get started and then help establish on an ongoing basis with another group. Family Night may be a lovely part of adding to the Children's Programming. Tia is going to work with Rebecca and interested families on this.

The female-heavy attendance at ETD and the male-heavy teachers within the Buddhism community came up. Some frustrations were shared along with some ideas for talking to people about their personal passions and interests. Maybe keep this on the agenda for our next meeting to discuss engaging a wider group of diverse people?

Putting out a survey to the PIMC community, an interest poll on ETD issues and ideas.


Tia reminded the group that we had decided on sharing something positive happening in the world during every general ETD meeting.

This wound back into Rose's astoundingly beautiful documentary that she will be showcasing soon. Discussion followed on how and when to incorporate that. There are three 15 minute parts. It was decided to pursue showing the first part in August in combination with one of Robert's dharma talks on the topic of interconnectedness. Tia suggested we could fold in the children's program topic for that month as well so families can continue these discussions at home. Rose will invite the sangha to the public theatre where the remaining documentaries will be shown in August.


Ideas for Family Night: Beautification craft that is buddhist or mindful in nature. A banner that says "What Does Being Kind Look Like?" That children write and draw their responses to.  Painted kindness rocks to put in the landscaping. Tia will email parents to connect and garner ideas.


Next General Meeting for ETD at 12:30pm on Sunday July 7th.