Class: The Breakthrough (w/Robert), Spring 2019 (6 Wks)

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Ajahn Amaro is the abbot of Chithurst Monastery in Sussex England. His teaching is a clear voice pointing the direction of awakening and freedom from suffering. He has a wonderful sense of humor and matter of fact way of explaining the path that makes it accessible to all. His teachings are wise and luminous and he points directly at awakening here and now.
We will be reading and discussing his book The Breakthrough
This book offers a profound understanding of how to recognize how one is identified with self programming in order to let it go and be free.
I like to call this process ‘unentangled participating’ rather than ‘watching the mind’ or ‘being the witness’ and suchlike, as it reflects how we need to accept completely what is being experienced, yet without confusion or identification. When we talk of ‘observing the mind’, this can lead to a false sense of abstraction and dislocation, so I prefer to use ‘unentangled participating’ to describe what it is we are all doing.” Ajahn Amaro
This class is intended for those who have been meditating for at least a couple of years who are ready to refine their practice of awakening.
  • Learn what self love really is.
  • Bring new life and understanding to meditation techniques.
  • Stop the endless cycle of self dissatisfaction and self improvement
  • Learn to accept things as they are
  • Understand worry and mental proliferation and rest easier.
  • Bring new life to the practice of mindfulness in daily life.
  • Realize deeply the reality of the the three characteristics of existence.
  • Become more able to accept and suffer less from living in the modern world
  • Embrace forgiveness as an everyday experience
  • Develop friendship with other class memebers
Each meeting will consist of a half hour of meditation followed by dharma talk and discussion. Participants will be encouraged to make a new commitment to their meditation practice and to spend time contemplating the contents of the readings.
Location: Dharma Hall PIMC
Time: 7 - 9 PM
Dates: May 8, 22, 29, June 5, 19, 26
Suggested Donation: $180
(Nobody is ever turned away from PIMC events for lack of funds. The registration process has a method of scholarship funding)
For information contact:Robert or call 503-223-2214