Organizing Meeting For New ETD Core Leaders Group w/ Robert & Tricia [Sun. 1/20/19, 1-2:30pm]

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We are entering into a new phase of developing the Engaging the Dharma initiative. Tricia, who has leading this group and attending to details as it has become more established, will be out of the country for over 3 months beginning in mid-February. We need to transition the leadership of this initiative to a small group. We are looking for individuals who are inspired by this mission and have the desire to see it grow and flourish to step forward and take part in its next form.
People who are interested to help steer ETD into its next phase should attend the organizational meeting of the ETD Core Leaders Group. With Robert and Tricia, the group will start considering direction and next steps.
DATE/TIME: Sunday January 20th (1:00-2:30 pm in the Living Room)
Tricia has asked to keep the meeting to no more than 10 people max. At our last meeting, Rose Madrone, Misty Mesaga, Mikki Gilette, and Anne Marie Anantha all expressed an interest in being on this team. I want to also open it up to see if there are others on this list who feel called to take part in creating this new Core Group. If this proposal sparks interest in you, please email Tricia at If you can't make the meeting, you could still take part in the future as long as i know you're interested.
During the meeting, the group will be talking about how the Core Group will work together and what responsibilities each person will hold and mapping out areas of responsibility.
As a starting point, Tricia suggested the following areas, to be covered by one or two people each:
• 1.  Local outreach and events for social issues (such as the dinner we recently served at the homeless shelter)
• 2.  Local outreach and events for environmental issues
• 3.  Educational opportunities for our members, possibly open to others outside our sangha too
• 4.  Networking and connection with other Buddhist groups in Portland, and also other sanghas working with engaged Buddhism throughout the country, and perhaps internationally
• 5.  Administration, which might include keeping a calendar of all local and/or national events that may be of interest to ETD members, working with Avi to schedule and announce ETD events, take minutes at meetings, keep the ETD list serve current and add new members, etc.

Thanks in advance to everyone who feels called to take part in helping to shape the next steps of this initiative!