Winter 2019 Class: Deep Dharma - Meditation and Wisdom, with Robert Beatty (8 Weeks, Starting 1/23)

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Please join Robert for a wonderful opportunity to go deeper into your practice, and your understanding of spiritual view. The Buddha left us a priceless collection of teachings known collectively as the Eightfold Path. At some point, many meditators discover it is time practice more deeply, to go beyond stress management and psychological well being to explore the life-changing insights that come from wise understanding and practice.

Starting Jan. 23 and spread over 8 sessions and three months, this course will provide students an opportunity to read and discuss the collected teachings of Ajahn Sumedho, a venerated Elder Western Monk in the Thai Forest Tradition. He is one of the clearest modern voices that point in the direction of awakening and release from suffering. He has a wonderful sense of humor and matter of fact way of explain the path that makes it accessible to all.

Each class meeting will consist of a half hour of guided meditation, dharma talk and discussion. Participants will be encouraged to make a new commitment to their mediation practice and to spend time contemplating the contents of the readings.


DATES:   Jan 23, 30; Feb. 6; Mar. 6, 13, 27; April 3, 10

TIME:   7 - 9 PM

LOCATION:   Dharma Hall, PIMC


(Nobody is ever turned away from PIMC events for lack of funds. The registration process has a method of scholarship funding)


TO REGISTER:   Click Here

COURSE TEXT:   "Wheel of Truth: Volume 5" of the Ajahn Sumedho Anthology.      (Download Here)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  K. Avi Klepper, at 503.771.4123