Minutes: Engaging the Dharma Meeting #1 (Oct. 28, 2018)

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In answer to the question: What is most important to you in bringing about a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling world? What qualities/principles can we bring as Buddhists (or followers of the dharma) to this?


•          The work starts inside, individually: small intentional shifts, taking a stand

•          Focus on love

•          Come to this work from the 5 precepts/compassion/loving kindness

•          What can I give instead of what can I get

•          What DO we want instead of what DON’T we want

•          Stewardship: caring for everyone and everything

•          Remembering a sense of oneness

•          Seeing “others” as equals; listening (NVC)

•          Get away from “us vs. them”

•          More communication with other sanghas

•          Bring folks together in projects

•          More racial diversity

•          Allow for different callings or passions

•          Pull not push on climate change work

•          Find ways to keep ourselves “resourced”

•          Provide resources for inspiration (books, videos, classes)


In answer to the question “Where do we go from here?” there were many ideas shared of organizations that we could join with that are doing great things, and some events coming up:


•          Citizen’s Climate Lobby

•          Buddhist Peace Fellowship

•          PSU SUN for nonviolent diffusion of tense situations

•          EMERGE

•          Working for the election of Charles Gallia (Oregon City district)

•          A Transgender Competency Training will be offered at PIMC later this fall

•          The Brentwood/Darlington Neighborhood Association (where PIMC is located) is requesting help with their Nature Park, Learning Gardens Lab, and with the issues surrounding Precision Cast Parts. (can someone provide the contact info?)

•          Volunteers needed to assist with the Dec. 1st screening of Compassion in Action at PIMC, both with publicity and day-of-show set-up/take down. Please contact Tricia Andersson if you can help. (Thank you KB, Margi and Crista for volunteering to help with set up)

•          Robert announced that he will be running a course in January based on the book Active Hope by Joanna Macy.

A contact list was created and sent out to everyone (thank you KB), and will be turned into a list serve by Doyle (thank you Doyle). We are hoping to create a tab on the PIMC website for announcements and inspiration regarding this initiative.

There was a suggestion that each person determine and commit to do one thing to further this work in their own lives.