The Compassion In Action Short Film Tour at PIMC - Sat. Dec. 1, 2018

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Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is honored to be partnering with the international Buddhist charity, Tzu Chi USA, to present an evening of films sharing stories of socially engaged Buddhism in the United States and beyond. Helping those in need is vital in today's unbalanced and turbulent world, and these films demonstrate how we can all play a part in spreading and practicing the wisdom of altruistic service.

Please join us on Dec. 1, 2018, for this very special Portland screening of Buddhist films, as part of a national screening in cities around the US. Let's inspire each other!


To Purchase Tickets:   

Cost:  $8.

Tickets are available online by clicking     HERE     (scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up).  

All proceeds from ticket sales will directly benefit Portland Insight Meditation Community.   

 Please purchase your tickets early, as we expect tickets to sell out for this extraordinary event!


NOTE: No one will turned away for lack of funds. Sliding scale tickets can be purchased by contacting Avi at PIMC:

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The featured film of the evening - "The Peace Inside" - is based on a true story of a friendship between an imprisoned Chinese immigrant to the US and a volunteer from Tzu Chi USA. In addition, there will be three powerful documentary shorts about compassionate community action in the United States.

Two discussion panels with Q&A sessions will be included in the program, allowing the audience to learn more as they meet some of the people associated with "The Peace Inside," as well as local volunteers who work in the Oregon prison community.    

TO SEE TRAILERS OF THE FILMS BEING SCREENED, CLICK     HERE     (scroll to the middle of the page to the label: "Featured Short Films:")




FEATURED FILM: "The Peace Inside" 

Sometimes, bad decisions can have tragic repercussions. For A-Peng, a young man recently arriving in the United States from China and not speaking a word of English, a poor choice of friends led to a lengthy prison sentence. Unable to cope with this shocking turn of events, he aims to end his life. 

And yet, a fateful intervention puts Judy, a volunteer from Tzu Chi USA in his path. This dramatic film presents the true story of a friendship that spans twenty years and continues, revealing how Buddhist wisdom can lead to inner transformation, bringing peace and solace to even the most troubled heart.  

(31 minutes) 


Short Film #1 "Compassionate Chaplaincy" 

This film looks at a graduating class of Buddhist chaplains, or Bodhisattvas, trained to be of altruistic and compassionate service while leading to systemic transformation through their wisdom and presence. Each student of the Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy program has a calling to relieve suffering.

Roshi Joan Halifax is the Zen priest, teacher, and scholar who heads this visionary program at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

(15 minutes)


Short Film #2 "Ripples from Compassionate Hearts" 

Suffering is a daily fact of life for those living behind bars, yet the external conditions of incarceration aren't the only source of frustration, as internal issues equally lead to pain. Anna Cox, a psychotherapist, knew this well when she founded the non-profit Compassion Works for All. Based in Little Rock, it's the only Buddhist prison outreach organization in Arkansas, striving to offer "freedom from real and imagined prisons through compassion."  (15 minutes)


Short Film #3 "From Trials to Freedom" 

They say walk a mile in someone's shoes before trying to offer help. When it comes to helping prisoners, Fleet Maull certainly has. Early on his Buddhist path, he lived a double life through drug trafficking that led to a conviction and 14 years in prison. He founded a nonprofit support network from his cell, offering Buddhist prison ministry, something rare at the time.  

Nearly 20 years since his release, through what is now the Prison Mindfulness Institute, Fleet continually strives to relieve the suffering of those housed or working within the correctional system.  

(15 minutes)