ALL VOICES WANTED: For PIMC Podcasts (Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018)

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PIMC loves your voice! It doesn't matter if you've never been on the radio or a podcast, or even if you've never done any public speaking. We love your voice because it's yours. And, we would love to honor your voice by using it on ..... a PIMC podcast!

Did you know that PIMC now has a podcast? You can check it out directly at the the PIMC website:, or you can easily find it on your smartphone's podcast app. The PIMC Podcast is a great way to carry Robert's Dharma teachings with you so you can listen to them anywhere.

At the end of each of our podcasts, there's (what's called in the Podcast Biz) an "outro" - a couple of sentences that state who we are and how to find us. That's what we want to use your voice for. And, we want to collect as many voices from our sangha as we can to participate, so that these podcasts really reflect the life and diverse range of our community. It's fun and it only takes a minute to record your voice (if you're interested, the script is down below).
Now, there are at least some of you out there thinking something like, "I could never do that. I sound awful when I'm recorded." No matter! For one thing, even if you don't know it, you sound fine - just like yourself. Very few people like the way they sound in audio recordings. And, in fact, the more you sound exactly like your regular human self, imperfect - without any polish - the cooler and better it will be! Really! To prove this, use the following link to go to a random episode of the National Public Radio show, RadioLab, and scroll all the way to the end to listen to their outro. They use regular people reading the script in a regular, unrehearsed way. It sounds great - energetic and real and spontaneous and engaging.
That's kind of like what we want for our PIMC podcasts. And, you can help.
If you're at PIMC on Sunday, 8/19/18, Patricia, a sangha member on our Video Crew, will be onsite to record anyone who would like to read the outro, which is a couple of short sentences. It will take less than a minute of your time. No need to sign up - just come to the small room in the Dharma Hall and wait for a turn (if there's a line).
If you won't be at the Dharma gathering on 8/19 and you’d like to participate, please contact Patricia. She can make arrangements to record you from anywhere. Her email is
Here’s the script:
"Hi, My name is < >. This has been a presentation of the Portland Insight Meditation Community and is provided free-of-charge. For information about how you can support PIMC, please visit”