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Robert Beatty - Guiding Teacher

Robert Beatty is a member of the first wave of Theravada Buddhist Teachers who brought the Dharma from Asia in the 1970’s. His mission is to help others discover the profound ways Buddhist practices can transform one’s life, reduce suffering and create happiness. Robert founded the Portland Insight Meditation Community where he is the guiding teacher.

Robert (Bhikku Bodhipala) and Bhukku Rastrapol at the Bohdi Tree Venerable Rastrapol and Robert Beatty (Bodhipala)
Novice ordination, Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya India 1979


His meditation training began in India in 1972. He has studied with many teachers in Burma, India and the US. He traces his primary lineage is through Ruth Denison, founder of the Dhamma Dena Retreat Center, who named him a Dharma successor and authorized him to teach in 1982.

He has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, and Masters in Social Work from Portland State. He has pursued his own inner work for decades with the help of several fine therapists. Robert is moved by the wisdom, compassion and maturity he gained through his own inner exploration and through experiences he shared with thousands of people he guided and counseled as they faced illness, death, divorce, disappointment, loss, major life transitions and end of life issues.

Robert has extensive training in numerous Western therapies including: Gestalt, Bio-Energetics, Biofeedback, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Family Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, EMDR and Non-Violent Communication. These vocabularies and techniques for healing inform and assist the consciousness and compassion practices of Buddhism. By teaching Insight Meditation (Vipassana/Mindfulness) for the past thirty years, and meeting individually with thousands of students he has synthesized the technologies of heart and mind development that come from Asia with the therapies of the West.

Ceremonies and Rituals

Robert helps individuals, couples and families plan and conduct ceremonies that mark life’s great transitions: marriage, divorce, baby blessing, home and space blessings, funerals, memorial services and graveside rituals.

Meditation Groups and Classes

Robert leads a meditation gathering on Sunday mornings and offers frequent classes in various aspects of Buddhist Psychology, meditation and the Buddha’s Eightfold Path to freedom and happiness. He leads residential retreats in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Robert's wisdom and compassion are animated by humor. When teaching, he uses poetry, music, and drumming to present ancient teachings in forms that can be easily assimilated by the Western mind.