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Guided Meditations

Robert Beatty recorded four guided meditations several years ago to help listeners gain insight into aspects of the Buddha's teachings while promoting awareness within the body. These meditations, originally offered only on cassette for sale, are now freely available to listen to and download from the links below.

When a person first begins to meditate there is usually a discovery that the mind is profoundly out of control. There is very little concentration, and the mind is almost constantly busy conjuring up images, memories, and imaginations of the past and future. Guided meditations are very helpful for getting a flavor of what it is like to be mindfully awake in the present moment. Guided meditations can provide a certain amount of pointing to the experience of the present moment and can help one remember to "be here now". The meditations below, created by Robert Beatty, can be used once or twice, or frequently over some significant period of time until you are comfortable meditating on your own.

Introduction to Meditation

Instruction and Discussion (20:14)
Guided Meditation (14:49)

Breathing Meditation

Mindfulness of Breathing (28:25)
Deepening Practice (27:06)

Body Sweeping Meditation

Systematic Body Sweeping (31:15)
Spacious Body Sweeping (30:19)

Lovingkindness Meditation

Introduction (43:50)
Loving Heart Imagery (41:24)
Lovingkindness Through a Lifetime (38:39)
Lovingkindness With Music (40:45)

Pain Release Meditation

Dissolving Pain (30:59)
Spacious Mind (31:34)
Mindfulness of Breathing (Christine Howard) (22:48)
Dissolving Anxiety and Depression (32:11)
One Seat Meditation (23:10)
Chant Sheets used at PIMC (PDF)

Other Meditations

Mindfulness of Breathing with Acceptance (34:40)
Forgiveness (38:26 - Video)
Present Moment (23:03)

The full list of our guided meditations is here.


Thanks to Marc Hoffman for his online Meditation Timer, which allows you to time your meditations with an authentic meditation bell. The bell reminds you to practice awareness when at work on the computer. It rings at random intervals. You decide the minimum and maximum time for that interval. [Warning: It may occasionally remind you how annoying bells can be. Just note "annoyance" and continue your work :) ]

There is also a downloadable version that installs the timer/reminder program on your Windows or Mac computer so you can run it offline. Included is a feature to uninstall the program. Here's the link: