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ETD Event: Participation in EcoSattva Training (Starting in Oct. 2019, Details TBD)

PIMC's Engaging The Dharma (ETD) initiative group is organizing the sangha's participation in a six-part, web-based training on effective and skillful strategies for responding to global warming, informed by Buddhist principles. The "EcoSattva Training" will start in October, with details still to be determined. 

Minutes: Engaging the Dharma Meeting - Sept. 1, 2019 (Including Plans for the 9/20 Global Climate Strike March in Portland)

NOTES FROM THE 9/1/19 Engaging the Dharma Meeting

A group of about 18 sangha members gathered in the PIMC Living Room after the Sunday Dharma Talk. The meeting was led by Tricia Andersson and Michael Midghall. We started with a 5-minute meditation on our connection with the Earth.


Guiding Teacher Robert Beatty and PIMC Teachers Council are pleased to present the Fall 2019 schedule. The teachers have been working for months to develop and coordinate their offerings to provide a diversity of subjects. For more information and to register, click on the links at the bottom of each listing.

We look forward to exploring the Dharma with you!!