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Spring Work Party

Saturday April 2nd, 9am-4pm, lunch provided by PIMC.

A day of conscious shared work as we join together to spring clean the center and grounds! Dress accordingly, especially if you'd like to take on gardening or maintence tasks. Bring extra gardening tools if you can, but it's not required.

Already Awake

"You are already awake, Believe nothing to the contrary" - An Exploration of Non-Dual Teachings - Robert Beatty
March - December 2016

Ultimate reality is subject to no description or characterization. Language is dualistic and misleading. Around the world, in every mystical tradition, individuals have experiences that are beyond words. They "wake up". This opening to a "different reality" has a profound impact upon them, their view of the world, and the way they live their lives.

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

A Ten-Month Training of Insight Meditation, March - December 2016, with Robert Beatty.

This ten-month class will provide a thorough study and experience of the core meditation teachings of the Buddha. Each of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness will be explored both cognitively and experientially. By the end of this class participants will deeply understand the purpose and practice of meditation and have the skills to bring mindfulness to every aspect of life.

Robert Beatty & Tori Lopez

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The path of awakening requires that we become aware of layer after layer of our conditioning. We are conditioned by genetics, gender, family of origin, socioeconomic status, health, exposure to media, the ideologies of our time, ethnic identity, and race. When left in the shadows of unconsciousness these powerful influences lead us to act robotically and with prejudice rather than with wakefulness, compassion and wisdom.

Stewardship Circle Retreat

March 5, 2016 - A Day of Meditation and Opening The Heart with Robert Beatty and Kate Staples

Life is Difficult!
As you have no doubt discovered, the journey of awakening brings one into contact with previously denied or unknown discomforts. We awaken to the vicissitudes of life: birth/death, pleasure/pain, gain/loss, fame/disrepute, sickness/health, and more.

QiGong Retreat with Jim Dalton

As our practice deepens, we often discover the arising of difficult states of consciousness. Self discovery is not always good news. Come explore the Five Hindrances and practice a few strategies for working with them.

Join us on Saturday, February 6, from 10am until 2pm.

We will stay grounded in the body using gentle QiGong routines throughout the day as we deepen our practice.

Bring a snack to share with friends.

Special New Year's QiGong Workshop

Begin the year with a pause to reflect, a pause to sit, a pause to move mindfully. Join us from 10 am until 4 pm, exploring the Four Immeasurables, the Four Divine Abodes. Reflect on the presence of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity in your life, and how you might develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with these four immeasurable states of awareness.

Friday January 1st, 10:00am until 4:00pm

Please bring a treat to share during the tea break.