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[Live-Stream] 1st Saturday Retreat Series at PIMC, with Candle Summers (Sat., Apr. 3, 2021)

Candle Summers looks forward to sharing the April edition of the 1st Saturday Retreat with you.

This retreat will be hosted on Zoom.

The Theme is: Discovering More About Who You Already Are


Class: Intro to Heart Cultivation, with Doug Pullin (Spring 2021 - begins Apr. 29)


Please join Doug in a guided exploration of the four Brahmaviharas.

Each class will focus on one of the four Brahmaviharas with the final class being an opportunity to practice integration into daily life. The format for classes includes a Dharma talk, guided meditation, discussion, interactive exercises and take home practices.

New Interview with PIMC Founder Robert Beatty: "How to Meditate," on the STIMULUS Podcast, with Rob Orman, MD

In a new podcast uploaded on Jan. 25, Dr. Rob Orman, MD, talks with Robert about the basics of meditative practice.

Robert walks through the basics of meditation, how to start a meditation practice, principles of mindfulness, understating the roots of suffering, how concentrating on the breath can lead to insight, and healthy vs unhealthy coping. Don't miss this lively and thoughtful podcast episode!