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ETD Event: Short Workshop and Letter Writing Campaign - Helping Local Forests Cope With Global Warming (Sun., 8/25/19, 12:30-2:30pm)

PIMC's mindful social action group, Engaging The Dharma (ETD), invites you to a bite-sized workshop on how to support our beautiful local forests in the midst of global warming. While climate change is a global issue, the best place to start fixing it is right here at home! If you love our local forests and green spaces, and you're wondering what you can do to have an impact, this workshop is for you! Please join us Sunday, 8/25, after the Dharma Gathering.

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Next Regular ETD Monthly Meeting: Sun., Sept. 1, 2019 (12:30-1:30pm)

The next regularly scheduled monthly ETD meeting will be on Sunday, 9/1/19 after the Dharma Talk - 12:30-1:30pm. The monthly ETD meetings are held the first Sunday of every month.

The group will be developing plans for upcoming events and projects over the next few months. Please come, all are welcome.

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Non-PIMC Event --- Global Warming Education Event at People's Coop in Portland: Sun., July 30, 2019 (7-9pm)

On July 30, the Pachamama Alliance is doing a free educational program on Drawdown, a comprehensive plan of the top 100 solutions to begin to reverse global warming by 2050.
Although not a PIMC event, it is definitely in line with the focus of our Engaging The Dharma initiative.
Please attend if you can.

ANNOUNCEMENT -- Next ETD Meeting: Wed., June 19, 2019 (6:30-8:00pm)

The next ETD meeting will be for dinner at the Woodstock Laughing Planet restaurant (4110 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202) on Wed., 6/19, 6:30-8:00pm.

The group will meet to choose the monthly focus themes through December. Please come, all are welcome.

Tia will send out a reminder for this meeting on Monday June 17th.


ANNOUNCEMENT -- Next ETD Project -- Sunday, Mar. 31, 2019 -- Cook and Serve 2nd Meal at Jean's Place

ETD Project Theme: Hunger and Homelessness

The Engaging The Dharma initiative's next project is a 2nd-go-around for cooking and serving a meal at Jean's Place (Off Burnside and 11th) for 60 women. It worked out so well the last time, Dec. 30, we wanted to stay with this and give more people the opportunity to help.

We need 8-15 volunteers and about $150 in dana to support this project.