Stewardship Circle Retreat

Compassion and Community - A Day of Meditation and Opening The Heart
with Robert Beatty and Kate Staples.


Life is Difficult!

As you have no doubt discovered, the journey of awakening brings one into contact with previously denied or unknown discomforts. We awaken to the vicissitudes of life: birth/death, pleasure/pain, gain/loss, fame/disrepute, sickness/health, and more. Rather than fleeing into our usual preoccupations, distractions, and addictions we are invited by our practice to come face-to-face with this suffering in our lives and to convert it into wisdom, love, and compassion.

We need each other.

It takes immense courage to turn inward. The journey is so difficult that from the very beginning the Buddha taught that the support of a community is essential. While sustained individual effort and courage are necessary, community provides the context in which awakening occurs.

With practice and wise understanding we learn to bear the difficulties of our lives with acceptance, compassion and grace. We help each other in this endeavor by creating a container of love and compassion that supports us when our own resources are lacking.

Members of the Stewardship Circle are invited, without donation. If you would like to attend, and are not yet a member of the Stewardship Circle you may register below by either becoming a member of the Stewardship Circle or by contributing a suggested donation of $50. As is always the case at PIMC scholarship attendance is available.

Lunch will be Pot Luck. Please bring something to share!