Robert Beatty leads day-long and residential meditation retreats at various locations several times each year.

2019 Retreat/Location
Jan 1-6 or 4-6 Breitenbush Hot Springs - Robert (info)
Jul 7-19 Mountain Waters - Robert (info)
July 26-31 or 26-28 Breitenbush Hot Springs - Robert (info)
Oct 12-17 Hollyhock - Robert (info)
Oct 27-Nov 1 Breitenbush Hot Springs - Robert (info)
Nov 23-Nov 24 (Postponed. Details TBD) Nalanda West, Seattle WA - Robert (info)


2020 Retreat/Location
Jan 10-15 or 10-12 Breitenbush Hot Springs - Robert (info)

NOTE: To register for Robert's 2020 retreat in January, please call the Breitenbush office.

May 15-20 Heaven and Earth Retreats - (Robert(info)

NOTE: This local retreat is limited to 12 participants. Please click on Robert's name above to email him and reserve a spot.

July 5-17 Mountain Waters (Nelson, BC) - (info)

NOTE: The Mountain Waters website does not have this retreat on the calendar yet, as of 10/2019.


Retreat Resources and Information

Article: Understanding the Practice of Generosity (Dana)

Article: General Information on Robert's Retreats

Video: The Essential Teaching: Video of a retreat in British Columbia with Robert

Talk: The Inner Experience on Retreat (mp3)

To register and for more information, contact:

Breitenbush Hot Springs (Oregon):

Mountain Waters Retreat Centre (British Columbia):

Hollyhock (British Columbia):