[Robert Interview, 5-28-2019] "Can We Fully Heal From Our Traumas?"

This is an interview Robert did with the creator of the Project Mindfulness Podcast. It is Episode #26: "Can We fully Heal From Our Traumas?"



Christiaan: .... I want to ask, after all these different therapies and working with these different people, could you say a person comes to a place where they are fully healed? Or where they can fully, you know, from a trauma or a deep wound, come to a place of real acceptance, like, is that possible? And if so, why or how?

Robert: That’s a really beautiful question and you continued articulating it and changed my answer. I think, it’s my experience, that the wounds of early childhood and the traumas that occur are indelible. They are here for life, your personality, with its wounds is here for life. However, the trauma and angst around them can be changed, can be the energy, emotional energy can be grieved and then mindfulness and concentration and the seven enlightenment factors can be developed, such that the relationship to the separate self is radically changed. So that when life throws one of those very challenging curve-balls, when someone dies or you have a big loss or something, all the normal, all the predictable things that would come from one’s neurotic self, that will all arise, but it’s much quieter, and it’s not dominant, it’s– In the story of the awakening of the Buddha and you know, he’s sitting under Bodhi tree and Mara, the Buddhist Satan guy comes along and he tempts him with the beautiful women and then the anger, hatred, jealousy, the emotions and then the responsibilities and doubt. And the Buddha responded really interestingly, to Mara, he said, “I see you, Mara, I see you and the rich pole of this house is broken, never again, will this self be taken so seriously”. But then throughout his life in the cannon, there are stories of him saying, “I see you Mara, I see you”. So, his personality, his psychological, emotional challenges still happened but it would be kind of like, well, I see, now let’s get down to business. Now, you know, I have responsibilities to do, I have loving and caring and being compassionate for people. I don’t need to muck around in these old regrets and so on because they don’t have much power.