PIMC: Seeking A Part-Time Teacher For The Sunday Children's Program (Posting Date: 2/14/19)

PIMC is seeking a part-time teacher to head our Sunday Children's Program. This is a paid staff position.

With the position having only 3 hours of classroom time plus planning time each week, this position provides an excellent opportunity for an early education student to get some hands-on experience that would easily fit in with an academic schedule, or someone who wants A side gig with a small time commitment. The position is currently open and whoever is hired would begin immediately.




Going forward, now and in the future, we need consistent volunteer help in the classroom in a way we have never had before. The program is being used more heavily than ever and the number of children has grown over the past two years.

So, please consider supporting this very important function of giving the children in our sangha a firm foundation in the Dharma. You can sign up for a volunteer slot using the link at below.

Thank you so much for helping teach our children well.

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Teaching Position Details

The PIMC Children’s Program hours are from 10 am until 12 pm on Sundays.  The teacher arrives on-site at 9:00 am for room preparation and to greet parents and children. Our program typically gets in the range of 2-10 children each Sunday, with the number of children and age range varying unpredictably. The minimum age is 3 years old, with a maximum age of 12.

Because we want our Sunday school to teach basic Buddhist concepts, and not simply be unstructured playtime, we are putting word out to the Portland sangha first before posting to the larger community. The ideal candidate would have at least some classroom experience with elementary school children and would have some basic understanding of Buddhist philosophy. The head of the PIMC Children’s Education Program is a teacher, not simply a day-care provider. For that limited time with the children, the teacher not only models the PIMC core principles in action, but also finds ways to explicitly work these core principles into structured activities and discussion.

Compensation The teacher will receive $20/hr for actual teaching time, with additional payment for planning time and meetings with staff to be negotiated.


About Us - PIMC is a 501c3 non-profit and open Buddhist community that aims to help reduce suffering in the world. PIMC welcomes people of all faiths, orientations, genders, abilities, ages, and racial/cultural backgrounds. Founded by Guiding Teacher Robert Beatty, PIMC has been serving the Portland area for more than 20 years.


Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

K. Avi Klepper, Community Coordinator