World Premier Documentary at PIMC: "A Most Convenient Convergence"

PIMC is delighted to host the premier of a new documentary about emerging technology solutions to global warming, created by sangha member Jim Cassidy. His movie and labor of love, "A Most Convenient Convergence," will premier at PIMC on Fri., 3/2, 7-9pm.

As a follow-up to Al Gore’s alarming 2006 video wake-up call on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," "A Most Convenient Convergence" has good news ..... that, in the space of a mere decade, scientists and engineers have made significant headway in finding solutions. They have produced disruptive technologies, technologies so much better or cheaper than current carbon capture techniques that they will completely displace what exists now.

These disruptive technologies, when used together, will allow businesses to profitably capture carbon dioxide from the environment and use it as the raw material to manufacture a wide variety of fuels, fibers, plastics, and even food for our tables.

"The Convergence" referred to by the title is the synchronous coming together of three classes of technologies:

  1. Inexpensive renewable energy technologies
  2. The ability to capture carbon dioxide from the air and ocean, and 3. the use of microbes as tiny factories to make products for a growing world population

The movie runs about 60 minutes. There will be a question and answer session afterward.

A donation of $5/person is requested at the door (no one turned away for insufficient funds).