Saturday Retreat - Brahma Vihara Practices

Frank Leder and Robert Beatty, Saturday December 16th.

Robert and Frank are Dharma brothers, sharing Ruth Denison as their teacher. Frank is coming from Germany once again this year to teach at PIMC.

With their combined seven decades of Dharma practice and life experience Robert and Frank have both realized that love and insight into the nature of reality mature together. Seeing clearly that everything is impermanent, contingent and fleeting naturally opens the heart in love, compassion, sympathetic delight, and equanimity for oneself and all beings.

The four Brahma-viharas are qualities that we cultivate in formal practice and in our everyday lives. They are wholesome affective states, offering a counterpart to the Buddhist insight practices. It's often said that the mindfulness/insight practices are like one wing of a bird and the Brahma-viharas are like the other wing; a bird requires both wings to fly correctly. The Brahma-viharas, often referred to as the "heart practices," are cultivated via specific meditation practices, but they also permeate our mindfulness. The term Brahma-vihara is Pali, and comes from two words. First, there is the word brahma. In the Buddha's time, a brahma was understood to be a deity who lived in a heavenly realm. The word vihara means abode or dwelling. As such, Brahma-vihara can be directly translates as "abode of the divine" or more commonly, "heavenly abodes." This is pointing toward the mind of one who has fully cultivated these qualities. Cultivating the heart qualities leads to a calm, joyous mind. Although these practices are often slighted, the Buddha suggested on many occasions that developing the Brahma-viharas fully leads to awakening.

This will be a day of traditional Buddhist practice interspersed with music, movement, poetry, and interactive practices which create connection and an open heart.

Portland Insight Meditation Center

Saturday December 16: 9 - 4:30 Potluck Lunch
Suggested Donation $65