The Brahma Viharas, with Jim Dalton


JIm shares about the four Brahma Viharas, the Four Abodes Of The Gods.

These are four emotional states that are impermanent, but are immeasurable in the sense they have no boundries. These are immeasurable states of mind that have to be renewed consciously. Through practice, we can access these expansive states. They are the opposite of our normal contracted ego defense states of mind, which pull us in and tighten us. These are states of mind that are places in the metaphorical sense. An abode is a place you return to like you return home.... You can use a simple phrases to help you get to these places.

(JIm gives a brief summary of his talk at the very beginning of the video through timestamp 05:00:00. The actual Dharma talk begins at timestamp 01:09:50)

Sunday, November 19, 2017