QiGong Workshop July 8

A half-day of practice on Saturday July 8 doing mindful movement and contemplating some inspirational reflections from a variety of traditions.

People who think all the time are often very insensitive. They live in a world that is very beautiful in its own way, but there is no feeling in it....It is a matter of recognizing that the realm you live in is 'like this.'
Ajahn Sumedho

In other words, slow down your thinking for a few hours and be aware of "just this." Bring a friend to learn some new forms in QiGong and bring a snack to share. We'll start at 10 am and plan to finish by 2 pm.

Please register here - https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=5e1ed4

We will sit in silence, contemplate more poems, and practice doing QiGong. Staying grounded in the body while contemplating poetry is an excellent way to spend 4 hours.