Barking Dog Library

Welcome to PIMC's growing Dhamma library. We are a Buddhist spirituality, sangha and serious practitioner's library. All levels and lineages of practice are represented here, with a strong emphasis on the Thai Forest Tradition, Vipassana practice & Insight Meditation.

The library catalog is online and fully searchable.

The items here have all been donated by us: the Parisa, this Dhamma community of PIMC. We have a prized place in our Center's 'Living Room', here at 6536 SE Duke St. which houses this collection.

Our carefully selected collection of high quality items is organized into the 17 Categories below.

  1. Meditation Practice And Techniques
  2. General Buddhism
  3. Theravada Tradition/Pali Canon
  4. Other Buddhist Traditions
  5. Other Religions and Mystic Traditions
  6. Psychology and Self-help
  7. Social, Political & Related History
  8. Miscellaneous Non-Fiction
  9. Fiction, Poetry, Beat literature
  10. Reference Materials (no circulation)
  11. Periodicals
  12. Audio Tapes
  13. Video Tapes
  14. Audio CDs
  15. DVDs
  16. Misc. A/V Materials
  17. Young Person's Section

Suggested classics

A Path With Heart, Still Here, What The Buddha Taught and Insight Meditation.
There's also a great list of "Suggested Reading" on our Resources page. Most of the books listed are available for checkout.

Library Hours

Open one half hour before and after meditation periods, Thursday and Sunday.

Check Out

Write your name, email address, and a due date of ONE MONTH from Todday's Date on the Item's card. For tapes and smaller items that do not have cards, find a blank card in the desk's top drawer, write in the above info plus the item's PIMC number. Put the card in the card box on the desk.


24/7, we have a posted drop box OUTSIDE, on the wooden fence to the 66th St. Side (east), the black box is labeled: "Barking Dog Library."

Please visit and enjoy this library.

Any questions or suggstions may be directed to Had Walmer at