Karma Yoga Party Saturday 15th April

Every year, the PIMC community gets together for a Karma Yoga Party, to do a bit of spring cleaning and light maintenance at the dharma hall. Here are the essentials:

  • Date: Saturday 15-April-2017
  • Location: PIMC on 6563 SE Duke Street
  • Start and end time: 9AM -- mid-afternoon
  • Who is invited: all members of the PIMC community, including our virtual sangha
  • Type of work: cleaning, yard work, light maintenance (inside and out) with self-assigned tasks for solo or small teams (2-3 people) 
  • Food: Coffee/Tea in the Morning and Lunch provided

If you have never volunteered before or can't make a regular volunteer commitment: Karma Yoga Party is a great way to be part of PIMC 'off the cushion.'

If you are interested in making a more regular commitment: Karma Yoga party is a great place to start! On party day, you have the opportunity to have a taste of loving service to our community, and connect with other volunteers. If you like how that feels and want to do more, we will have a list of regular monthly tasks that need more coverage.

If you are a regular volunteer: please join us, as this is a great day to work with your team-mates on special projects that just don't fit into the regular schedule.

If you want to bring your kids: please do! We will have kid-friendly tasks, but know that we won't have dedicated child-care.

If you are an online member of our sangha: please come join us if your are within striking distance of Portland! This is a lovely way to meet people.

In case of more than normal Spring rain: please come anyway and know that some of our outdoor tasks will need to get done on another day. If that needs to happen, we'll announce a follow-on Karma Yoga day just for outside stuff.

This is all about mindful work in community and the work we do together helps keep our dharma hall and gardens beautiful for every person who spends time at PIMC. In the spirit of Karma Yoga, the "work" we will do is infused with love for each other, love for ourselves, and so, ultimately expressing the great Consciousness present in all of life.

Please come join us. It wouldn't be a party without you!

For more information, contact Ruth (pimc.ruth@gmail.com) or Kirsten (kearst@gmail.com).