Dharma and Politics: "I have no Enemies"


Thank You Sunday - Ceremony for Kate retiring.

Talk begins at 1:19
Song "I have no Enemies by The Avett Bothers. Politics and Dharma. How to face the realities of polarization, anger, hopelessness and fear. Enemy imaging in the mind.
Bhikku Bodhi coined the term "Conscientious Compassion" You dive deeply into realizing the suffering of someone who is the victim of oppression and discover that there is pain and anger. This anger is not rooted in the unwholesome, but actually in compassion. One must open to and embrace this anger and not let it act out or be repressed into depression and hopelessness. Instead it results in a loving compassionate and potent movement in the direction of acting to alleviate the suffering. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017