QiGong Workshop Saturday May 7th

Hello Friends,

There is a window between heart and heart:
They are never separate like two bodies.

Two lamps may not be united in their form –
But their light merges into each other.

No lover ever searched for Union
If his beloved is not also seeking him.

The love of lovers makes them think;
The Beloved's love makes them full and shining.

Just a reminder about the Half-Day of practice next Saturday May 7 doing mindful movement and contemplating some Rumi Poems. For instance:

Surrender yourself, and if you cannot be welcomed by the Friend,
Know that you are rebelling inwardly like a thread
That doesn't want to go through the needle's eye!

The awakened heart is a lamp; protect it by the hem of your robe!
Hurry and get out of this wind, for the weather is bad.

And when you've left this storm, you will come to a fountain;
You'll find a Friend there who will always nourish your soul.

And with your soul always green, you'll grown into a tall tree
Flowering always with sweet light-fruit, whose growth is interior.

Wait...there's more to come on Saturday. Bring a friend to learn some new forms in QiGong and bring a snack to share. We'll start at 10 am and plan to finish by 2 pm.

We will sit in silence, contemplate more Rumi poems, and practice doing QiGong. Staying grounded in the body while soaring with the spirit of Rumi is an excellent way to spend 4 hours.