Weekly Activities

Portland Insight Meditation Community has a number of regular and occasional events on its schedule. No registration or fee is required for these events. As in ancient Buddhist tradition the classes are offered on a "Dana" basis. In keeping with their financial ability, and their understanding of the importance of generosity, participants contribute to the support of the community.

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Leader: None
Format: 40 min sit, 20 min walk.
Attendance: 5-10
Description: The Dharma Hall is open for personal meditation, followed by walking meditation or quiet reflection.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Guiding teacher: Robert Beatty
Format: Guided Meditation
Attendance: 40-80
Description: Guided meditation, silence, and mindful movement.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Guiding teacher: Robert Beatty
Format: Dharma Talk
Attendance: 40-80
Description: Instruction is given in sitting, walking and movement meditations, as well as ways of carrying the practice into daily life. Helpful for beginners and experienced meditators.
Contact: K. Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org
Format: Sunday Children's Program
Leader: Rebecca Bower
Attendance: Typically 5-10
Description: We have hired a new teacher as of 4/10/19. Her name is Rebecca Bower and she is looking forward to getting to know you and your children.

Rebecca is a retired elementary school teacher with 20 years of experience. She moved up to Portland from Corcord CA to be close to her granddaughter and has been participating in our sangha since January. She is enthusiastic about providing PIMC's children with a foundation for mindfulness and Buddhist principles week-to-week. Additionally, she is looking forward to guiding the creation and implementation of a structured, planned, and thoughtful curriculum to carry us into the future, something which the program has not had previously. 


We still need volunteer support in the classroom every Sunday.

To have the classroom open each Sunday, there need to be 1-2 teacher support volunteers both hours of the program. If one person was willing to volunteer in the classroom both hours, only one person would be needed. If two people each wanted to spend an hour with the children, then, for that Sunday, we'd need two people.

So, please consider supporting this very important function of giving the children in our sangha a firm foundation in the Dharma. You can sign up for a volunteer slot using the link at the top or below. For each Sunday, we need a minimum of one volunteer per hour.

Thank you so much for helping teach our children well.

Click to View Sunday Children's Pgm Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

See our Children's Program page.
Contact: Rebecca - rebeccalbower@gmail.com

Leader: Peer (Lora Dow)
Format: Meditation, discussion
Attendance: 4-9
Description: The Monday Night Book Circle is reading the following book as of Sept. 9, 2019, "Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Being, and Body", by Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson. The group reads about a chapter a week. The group meets every Monday, except for the first Monday of the month. If you want to attend, please contact one of the group leaders first.
Contact: Lora Dow - loraleedow@gmail.com, or Larry Berry - lberry2552@aol.com
NOTE: A reminder that buying books on Amazon, as part of the PIMC Amazon Smile program, results in charitable donations from Amazon (at no extra charge). To learn how to purchase your book through Amazon Smile, please use this link: http://www.portlandinsight.org/giving#amazonsmile .
Guiding teacher: Jim Dalton
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 4-9
Description: Join Jim Dalton for an evening of meditation in Beaverton, on the west side of the Portland metro area.
Contact: Jim Dalton - (503) 292-6951 - walkerdalton95@gmail.com
Leader: Peer (Larry Berry)
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 3-8
Description: This is a friendship and meditation group. Leadership is rotated among all who wish to lead. It meets every Tuesday morning and typically includes sitting and walking meditation, optional personal sharing, reading, and discussion of Dharma topics. Tea is offered as well as practice and support. As of 9/4/2018, the group is reading "The Wise Heart", by Jack Kornfield.
Contact: Larry Berry - lberry2552@aol.com
Guiding Teacher: Gary Sanders
Format: Introductions/check-ins, brief talk about the meditation, guided meditation, Dharma talk and discussion.
Description: In the Metta Sutta, the Buddha encouraged us all to cultivate a boundless heart of loving-kindness for all beings and that is exactly what our intention is for this new weekly group. We will practice a variety of meditations and discuss a full spectrum of dharmic nuggets, all infused with the gentleness and friendliness of metta.
Contact: Gary Sanders - pimc.gary@gmail.com
Guiding Teacher: Gregory Maloof

Format: Offers a variety of dynamic formats for practice that will include: sitting, walking, and mindful movement, along with formal Dharma talks, meditation skill building, contemporary book and classic sutta study, and loving kindness practice.

Description: This mid-week sit will offer you a unique opportunity to greatly expand your understanding of the psychology, philosophy, and spirituality of the Buddhist Eight-Fold Path. It will also help you gain the necessary technical mastery that will exponentially increase the effectiveness of your meditation practice. Within a safe and supportive group of dedicated meditators, we will focus on integrating meditative insights into daily life in order to cultivate lasting peace and harmony, as we aspire to embody the liberating promise of waking up to true happiness and freedom from suffering.

Contact: Gregory - gregory@portlandinsight.org
Guiding teacher: Doug Pulin
Format: Meditation, movement, discussion
Attendance: 15-25
Description: The evening includes guided and silent sitting in the practice that leads to insight or Vipassana mind. This is the mindfulness meditation practice that was taught by the Buddha over 2500 years ago. The focus of Doug's teaching is on the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom through the practice of being fully present for the ever changing joys and sorrows of life. In addition to traditional mindfulness meditation, there is also an opportunity for informal discussion and for questions related to practice. The Dharma discussion is in a small group setting. Open to beginning and advanced students alike. The group meets in the living room behind the main meditation hall. Enter through the kitchen door.
Contact: Doug Pullin - douglas@douglaspullin.com
Guiding teacher: Doyle Banks
Format: A 15-30-minute Dharma talk - FaceBook Live
Attendance: N/A
Description: A little bit of Dharma with Doyle to help you relax during your lunch break. This live-stream video is non-interactive. To see the video each Friday, click on the PIMC FaceBook page and the live-stream will appear. The URL for that is: https://www.facebook.com/PIMC.meditate/
Contact: Doyle Banks - doyle@portlandinsight.org