Spiritual Friends (Kalyana Mitta) Groups

In an ancient Buddhist story, the Buddha’s faithful attendant, Ananda, asked about the importance of having wholesome companions. Ananda asked the Buddha whether having noble friends and companions wasn’t half of the holy life. The Buddha replied: “Do not say so, Ananda. Noble friends and companions are the whole of the holy life.” (SN 45.2, Bhikkhu Bodhi)

Kalyana Mitta (KM) groups are an important component of a spiritual community, bringing life and energy to the knowledge and wisdom gained through individual study, Dharma teaching, and solitary meditation practice. By coming together on a regular basis... meditating together, studying together, and learning to know one another in an environment of trust, we deepen our ability to open fully to all that is within us... to give voice to our deepest and most authentic “selves.” By doing so, we begin to see how connected we are in this human experience. When we are able to let go of some of the boundaries and barriers we experience as “reality,” our sense of separation from others is reduced, and the perception of loneliness and isolation is recognized for the delusion it truly is.

This growing perception also prepares the foundation for the true experience of Anatta (no fixed, abiding self) to become accessible, on a very real and tangible basis. As the self becomes less contracted, and we become less identified with the personal nature of our problems and challenges, the ability to perceive our true nature slowly emerges. In the safety of shared experience and trust, we are able to open to each other in new and truly wonderful ways.

PIMC is committed to providing structure and support to this new link in our community. PIMC’s KM groups are open to any member of our community. If you are interested in joining or more information about a specific group, identify a group that is open for new members, and email the contact directly.

May you each bring open-hearted kindness and wisdom to every contact, every relationship, every effort. May that intention be returned to your heart increased one-hundred fold.

~with deep and abiding respect,



Group Commitment - http://www.spiritrock.org/document.doc?id-2476

KM groups were started at Spirit Rock retreat center in Marin, Calif. There is a large section of information on their website about KM. http://www.spiritrock.org/kalyana-mitta
KM is not just a discussion group. We try to practice no cross talk so we can focus more on listening than talking, and there is always time outside of group to exchange recipes, socialise, etc.
Please read these: Confidentiality Agreement  http://www.spiritrock.org/document.doc?id=2474



Group #3
Location: NE Portland (33rd & Columbia)
Meets: Tuesdays, twice monthly
Organizer: Dan Leif - dcleif@gmail.com
Current Status: Open to new members

Group #4
Location: SE Portland (61st & Division)
Meets: Tuesdays, twice monthly
Current Status: Closed to new members for now

Group #5

Location: SE/NE Portland
Meets: Tuesdays, twice monthly
Organizer: Dave Dorman - ddorman768@gmail.com
Current Status: Closed to new members for now


Group #7 

Location: Lincoln City
Meets: Tuesdays, every other week beginning January 17, 2017
Organizer: Kim Putman - kputtman@dslnorthwest.net
Current Status: NEW GROUP!  OPEN! - More Information


Group #8 

Location: White Salmon
Meets: Sundays, every other week
Organizer: Scott Cushman  rscottcush@gmail.com
Current Status: Peer-led book study group, Open, no summer meetings.


Group #9

Location: PIMC Living Room
Meets: Mondays (except first Mondays), 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Organizer: Liz Bryant:  lizbryant at yahoo dot com
Current Status: Peer-led Buddhist book group


Group #10

Location:North Seattle

Meets: Wednesdays  7:00 PM (with an occasional weekend retreat)
Organizer: Larry Breslauer brescobars@gmail.com
Current Status: OPEN


For more information regarding PIMC’s KM Groups, or if you are interested in starting a new group, please contact Avi Klepper - avi@portlandinsight.org.