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Link: The "Awakening The Dreamer" Course, from the Pachamama Alliance

Before the 12/2 meeting, one very powerful thing you could do is participate in an excellent short course called Awakening the Dreamer, from the Pachamama Alliance. Tricia had talked about this briefly during the first meeting. The entire program takes about two hours and is broken into 4 segments. It can be done on your own time at your own pace. It’s a free offering from Pachamama:       

The Compassion In Action Short Film Tour at PIMC - Sat. Dec. 1, 2018

Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is honored to be partnering with the international Buddhist charity, Tzu Chi USA, to present an evening of films sharing stories of socially engaged Buddhism in the United States and beyond. Helping those in need is vital in today's unbalanced and turbulent world, and these films demonstrate how we can all play a part in spreading and practicing the wisdom of altruistic service.

Minutes: Engaging the Dharma Meeting #1 (Oct. 28, 2018)

In answer to the question: What is most important to you in bringing about a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling world? What qualities/principles can we bring as Buddhists (or followers of the dharma) to this?


•          The work starts inside, individually: small intentional shifts, taking a stand

•          Focus on love

•          Come to this work from the 5 precepts/compassion/loving kindness

Introductory Meeting: The PIMC Engaging the Dharma Initiative (Sun., 10/28/18, 1-2:30pm)

With all the environmental challenges and social injustice we see in the world today, it becomes increasingly clear for many Buddhists that the path of engagement and action is becoming essential; that it’s important to add in their voices and perspectives, and work together with those striving for a better world. Engagement provides the opportunity to create the world we want to live in, both off the cushion as well as on it.