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Remembering Death

June 27, 2015, 9am-4:30pm with Robert Beatty.

This retreat, focused on the reality of life and death, was initially scheduled for February. It was preempted by the passing away of my teacher Ruth Denison. I had the privilege of being present with Ruth through her last breath and cremation. This experience, and the ongoing realizations concerning life-and-death make the importance of this subject even more clear to me.

Dharma Consultations

Do you have questions about your practice? Beginning this Sunday the Dharma Leaders are offering 20-minute, individual consultations following the Dharma Talk. You can sign up in advance (online signup) and a sign-up sheet will be available each Sunday if appointments remain unfilled.

A Celebration of Ruth Denison's Life!

Dear Beloveds of Ruth,

Ruth Denison passed away gently February 26 at 3:00am. There will be a memorial service to honor Ruth's life at Wiefels Yucca Valley Mortuary, followed by a dinner at Dhamma Dena.

March 21, 2015
9:00 am - 9:00 pm

If you are unable to attend in person, the ceremony will be broadcast live over the internet: Live Stream of Ruth's Ceremony

Remembering Death

**Cancelled - will be rescheduled soon.** Saturday, February 21, 2015 with Robert Beatty. Being alive as a separate person is one end of a polarity which includes death. We do our best to deny the reality of this truth. Much of the anxiety that we experience during our lifetime arises from this unconscious fear of death.