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PIMC Funding

Sewer Repair Project Update

The PIMC Community has donated an amazing $5,240 since mid-December which will be matched by our anonymous donor who will continue to match any funds that come in dedicated to the replacement of the sewer system.


PIMC Stewardship Circle

PIMC exists, and thrives, through your loving presence, meditation and generosity. The Buddha taught that generosity is one of the central practices of spiritual life. By joining our Stewardship Circle you will establish ongoing support for the continued teaching of the Dharma. Your generous monthly contribution will be used to maintain and further develop the spiritual home that nourishes you, and others, so deeply.

Volunteer Orientation: Sunday, March 16

At PIMC we have many opportunities to engage in karma yoga; the generous dedication of your time and energy toward benefiting this wonderful community.

If you are interested in volunteering with us here at PIMC, please consider attending our volunteer orientation. During the orientation you will receive valuable information about karma yoga and our current volunteer opportunities. March 16, after the Sunday Dharma talk and tea time (12:45pm - 1.15pm).