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QiGong Workshop July 8

A half-day of practice on Saturday July 8 doing mindful movement and contemplating some inspirational reflections from a variety of traditions.

People who think all the time are often very insensitive. They live in a world that is very beautiful in its own way, but there is no feeling in it....It is a matter of recognizing that the realm you live in is 'like this.'
Ajahn Sumedho

QiGong Workshop June 10

4 hours of quiet movement and peaceful sitting with Jim Dalton.  We have all been too busy this spring.  Let's pause and slow down.

Don’t go off sightseeing. The real journey is right here. The great excursion starts from exactly where you are.

You are the world. You have everything you need. You are the secret. You are the wide opened.

Taking Heart in Troubled Times

A one-day workshop with Joanna Macy, Aug 26th at PIMC.

Eco-philosopher, Buddhist scholar, and Rilke translator Joanna Macy, PhD, is a visionary leader in the movements to heal our planet, reignite our interconnected humanity, and chart a meaningful path into the future for our children. The modalities in her "Work That Reconnects" encourage engaged spirituality and activism for the benefit of all beings.

QiGong Workshop May 13

Half-Day of practice on Saturday May 13th doing mindful movement and contemplating some inspirational reflections from a variety of traditions.

You suppose you are the trouble
But you are the cure
You suppose that you are the lock on the door
But you are the key that opens it

Transforming your Life with Love and Silence

Mountain Waters Retreat, Nelson BC with Robert, July 8-20, 2017.

You are capable of great wisdom, boundless love, true compassion, and deep-seated ease. And yet all to often our human experience is clouded by painful moods, mental compulsions, addictions, and difficult psychological scripts from the past. For thousands of years, people have used Buddhist meditation as a way of training the mind and elevating consciousness to free themselves from anxiety, self-criticism, depression, and fear.

Robert's New YouTube Channel

Due to an unfortunate mishap Robert's YouTube channel got deleted. We've created a new one here and already begun to upload content to it. New videos will be posted here from now on. If you were subscribed to the old channel and wish to receive notifications of new videos, please go ahead and subscibe to the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank You Sunday - PIMC Pizza Party

We're celebrating our special PIMC community at noon on Sunday, March 26 . We're calling it "Thank You Sunday" because we are grateful for everyone who supports PIMC through their time, talents and treasure. Join us at noon after the morning meditation for a special social time and a chance to learn more about how your gifts have turned into Dharma.